Meredith R. Inderfurth (Merrie)
National Flood Association (NFA) Washington Liaison

Ms. Inderfurth serves as Washington Liaison for the National Flood Association. She served as Washington Liaison for the National Flood Determination Association since its early days in the mid-1990s. In that capacity, she follows legislative and policy developments in Washington that affect the National Flood Insurance Program. She keeps Association leadership informed, makes recommendations for opportunities to express the Association’s views to legislators and federal officials and assists in arranging meetings when Association leaders and members are in Washington D.C.

Ms. Inderfurth has an AB degree in American Civilization from Brown University and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from George Washington University. She worked on Capitol Hill for over 17 years. For 15 of those years she worked for former Congresswoman Lindy Boggs of Louisiana. Congresswoman Boggs’s husband, while he served in the Congress, was one of the original authors of the 1968 legislation establishing the National Flood Insurance Program. Mrs. Boggs was a member of the House Appropriations Committee and its subcommittee with jurisdiction over FEMA’s budget. Ms. Inderfurth handled that work for her as well as related work on flood insurance authorizing legislation, banking and housing issues, small business and a number of other issue areas. After living abroad for two years, Ms. Inderfurth began work for the Association of State Floodplain Managers as their Washington Liaison. Soon thereafter, she also began work for the NFDA (now NFA) in a similar capacity.